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Value Systems Employers
ASCO is very much concerned about the absence of Value System in the field of overseas recruitment. We are setting an example to create the Value System in this area too. We strongly believe that generating job opportunities is the only solution to eradicate the poverty in India. ASCO is very conscious about its social responsibilities and is striving to eradicate the poverty by creating an unique concept by providing overseas job opportunities to the unemployment youths. We are focusing to identify the hidden talents of the youth in the most backward and undeveloped / remote villages of India who are totally dependent on agricultural activities where the benefits of various welfare policies of the Government are not reaching.

We provide them short term vocational training in various fields looking to the potentiality and the interests of the individuals and make them as Steel Fixtures, Shuttering Carpenters, Painters, Welders, Masons, Riggers, Automobile Technicians, Tailors, Fabricators, Duct Fitters, Insulators etc. Providing such a career to the less fortunate village youths in the fields of construction or industries, helps them to gain self confidence and self dependent. Creating job opportunities in overseas for such individuals from the socially neglected areas gives them the economical growth which they would have never dreamt of. Well paid overseas jobs to such youths ensure the basic education, housing, financial stability for their next generation. This has been proved in the economical developments of many villages of Kerala in the recent years. ASCO could make it happen only because of the continued support and patronage of its overseas clients. They in turn get the best low-cost skilled talents combined with loyalty, hardworking and sincerity which are proving to be the strength of their organizations.

Arabian Services Company - We are leading Overseas Manpower Consultants in India providing Overseas Jobs and Manpower Resources to Overseas clients. We are one of the premier overseas placement Companies in India.
It is a matter of great pride to see the people from the neglected area embrace a good value system, seek high aspirations and achieve more than they ever thought was possible. In turn, our overseas employers realize the loyalty of Indian work force. ASCO feels proud to have shown the right direction to the illiterate individuals to capitalize on their hidden talents. We provide them the opportunity to work under modern technology and sophisticated working environment and to work with international labour force which makes them completely independent.
ASCO continues its march in this direction to contribute its share for the upliftment of the neglected poor to improve their economy and lifestyle. India is the largest working population in the world and the low-cost skilled Indian labour force has been an important driver for the success of most of our clients in Middle East.
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